How to buy Bitcoin

'How do I buy Bitcoin' is one of the most common crypto-related questions on search engines around the world, as the awareness and popularity of digital currencies continue to conquer the world. With that in mind, we are now going to explain to you how to buy Bitcoin (BTC) in only a few short steps. The process is pretty straightforward, although you will have to make some preparations first. The first thing that you should do is create your own, private Bitcoin wallet. This is a crucial part, and even though you will purchase coins within an exchange, keeping them there will leave your funds vulnerable, since exchanges often get hacked. It is best to use them for buying your coins, and then transferring said coins to your own wallet. The next step in our guide on how to buy bitcoins is to actually choose an exchange that you will use. The choice of an exchange depends on several factors, including whether you wish to buy BTC with fiat currencies, such as the USD, or if you are buying it with other cryptos, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and alike. It also depends on the area in which you live, and whether or not it is covered by the most popular exchanges. So, the first thing that we will talk about is how to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat currencies. As mentioned, you will have to use an exchange such as Coinbase, which allows you to deposit your funds from a credit card or a bank account. Simply send your funds to your exchange wallet (not to be confused with your private wallet), and once they arrive, you will be able to purchase BTC within the platform. As for how to buy Bitcoins with another crypto, the process is pretty much the same, although this time, your choice of an exchange will depend on whether or not the exchange supports both, Bitcoin and the coin you already own. Coinbase has a relatively short list of supported currencies , so Binance might be a better option for you in this scenario, as long as you are not from the US. If you do live in the US, try Binance.US, as this subsidiary of one of the world's largest exchanges continues to list new assets that can be used for trading. Once your coins are deposited in the exchange's wallet, you can easily enter a position and buy BTC with them.

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